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Rena Chan
Tales of Symphonia Fan Fiction
Writing: Angels of Cruxis Chapter 6, Whatever short chaptered fics and one-shots that are planned out
Planning: Angels of Cruxis Chapter 7+, Guardians of Mana (Sequel to Angels of Cruxis), Whatever short chaptered fics and one-shots


Manga Scanlations
Scanning: Tales of Symphonia Chapter 2
Editing: Tales of Eternia Chapter 25
Translating: None


Ragnarok Online
Characters on Loki Server
EternitySwarm - Assassin 93/50 [Hybrid Critical Katar & Dual Dagger Assassin]
BlueEarth - Priest 81/50 [Full Support Priest]
AquarisSphere - Rogue 61/31 [Gank Rogue]
ShiningBind - Crusader 65/31 [Shield Reflect & Holy Cross Crusader]
PrismaticStars - Blacksmith 61/34 [Battleforger Blacksmith]


Rena Chan's non-senstical ranting
This is my first FanFiction for Tales of Symphonia! I figure that my chapters would be too long to be put up here at DA as a prose and I was right. I can have chapters going as long as 10000+ words... ^^;

So, just stalk me at FFNet or watch this journal entry for updates! My pen name is Rena Chan.

Please read and drop a comment on the fic here or review at FFNet. It has been set up to allow anyone, even if you don't have a FFNet account, to review!

Seriously, I write wayyyyyyyyy better than I draw :(

Chapters finished
:pointr: Chapter 1 - Time, Heart, Sekundes and Verius (11/11/2004) [8385 Words]
The Giant Tree is slowly dying once again, for reasons unknown. Kratos and Yuan, the last of the Angels of Cruxis, goes back to Symphonia to investigate this, only to find that the mana flow of the Giant Tree is slowly being tainted.

:pointr: Chapter 2 - The Torrential Tsunami of Undine (20/11/2004) [12628 Words]
Yuan comes across an injured elf by chance and had Kratos heal the elf. As the elf awoke, they found out that Heimdall is being plagued by an unknown sickness, and finds out the whereabouts of Undine. Time to make the first pact!

:pointr: Chapter 3 - The Crushing Quake of Gnome (16/01/2005) [17828 Words]
Kratos was granted the healing power of the faeries and cured the sickness that was plaguing Heimdall. And now, with a hint from the Elf Elder on the possible location of Gnome, Kratos and Yuan, together with Keele, goes and investigate this.

:pointr: Chapter 4 - Volt's Lost Faith (19/08/2005) [23001 Words]
Lloyd and the others have reached the Giant Tree and found out about the taint. After an uneasy reunion with Kratos and Yuan, and a new member to their team, Keele, they set off to find Volt.

:pointr: Chapter 5 - The Ties that Bind (20/02/2006) [60704 Words]
Village of Serant, where a fierce discrimination between humans and half-elves exist. This reopens Yuan's old wounds and rages over his hatred against discrimination. In order to save Serant, Kratos' and Yuan's bonds with each other as friends are tested.


:bookdiva: Tales of Symphonia Fan Fiction
Chaptered Stories
Angels of Cruxis (Chapters are too long to post on DA)


Goals for iRO
1. Get EternitySwarm to Assassin Cross and mess around with Meteor Assault =P
2. Get BlueEarth to High Priest and Assumptio everyone :XD:


:iconla-mia: Visit or I will ask Kratos to High Summon Origin on you :XD:

Good Friends (Visit them too)
:iconruina: :iconmintaka: :iconjamuko: :iconsapphirez: :iconwaterlilly: :iconpompi: :iconstealthos-aurion:

:iconspiral-fanclub: :iconstar-ocean-lover: :iconkratos-club: :icontalesofsymphonia: :icontos-purists: :iconoyako-only:

:iconaurionfamily-club: :iconthe-cruxis-club:

Fan Fiction
:work: My FanFiction.Net Profile. All the FanFiction I write are uploaded here.

Manga Scanlations
:bookdiva: My Manga Scanlations Group's Bittorrent Tracker. Doing Star Ocean: The Second Story, Star Ocean Blue Sphere, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Eternia, bunch of other Tales Series Manga :D


Some Favourite Quotes
Some are from Anime/Games, some I made up for my fics :)
- Power is neither Good or Evil. It depends on the person using it.
- The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
- The Will of the Beliver can change even Fate.
- Hope is The Power to Believe in the Future.
- Courage is The Power to Go beyond oneself.
- Love is The Power to Protect the Precious.
- Every single Life, no matter how small, is worth Protecting.
- Deep down inside, you know that you possess the Kindness within.
- True Friendship, is to stand by your friends no matter what happens.
- I will never give up, no matter how difficult the odds are. For once you give up, then all is truly lost.
- I will fight for the sake of the Future, no matter how bleak it seems.
- It is because we are together that we can be ourselves.
- As long as we are together, we will never be alone.
- Together, we can go anywhere.
- Together, we can do anything.

Why'd you bother to read all this anyway? :?


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